4 a better world

Our mission is to change the entire course of human evolution for the greater good of humanity.


4 a better world

Our current areas of focus include Social Media/Advertising, FinTech, & Food & Beverage.

Clean Life

We must ensure that life remains clean. Clean Food. Clean Health. Clean Water. Clean Air.

Alternative Life

Technology is our friend. If we implement and control the technology we can protect our life.

Sustainable Life

We need to make decisions for 50+ years. Sustainable Food. Sustainable Water. Sustainable Energy.

Welcome to Samy

We started Samy after the 2020 COVID19 Pandemic that swept through the world. As soon as we started seeing what kind of changes this was going to bring to our lives, we set out to change the course of human history. Developing open sourced applications and software to automate EVERY task we could find. Our staff and advisors include all types of individuals from professors at Ivy League Universities, CPA's, Industry Experts and Interns. Every mind has a gift and we have a place for every gift.


Upcoming Releases

Nightpricer Beta Launch

Nightpricer is launching a beta version web app for a select channel users, property managers and homeshare participants.

Gambit App Store Beta Launch

Gambit is launching a live version in the apple store for anyone with an ios device.

Tabs TestFlight Alpha Launch

Tabs is launching a private alpha version in the TestFlight app store for a select group guests, restaurants and investors.

Our Causes


Nightpricer is a web application that automates nightly pricing for short-term rentals. Integration with Guesty and AirBnB & VRBO.

Current: 100%
Goal: 100%


Gambit is Real Time Strategy game modeled after the classic game Battleship. You can create bases, earn tokens, drop mines, destroy enemy bases and more...

Current: 100%
Goal: 100%


Tabs is a restaurant application that tracks identification, occupancy and cashless payments to help transition establishments into the future.

Current: 42%
Goal: 100%


Driip is is a financial accounting software built for the blockchain. Retialers can scan items, create invoices and get payment all from a mobile phone.

Current: 64%
Goal: 100%